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posted: 2.19.20
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There are so many escape rooms in the U.S. today. In fact there are 2,350+ in the country! With so many options, it can be difficult to decide what is the best escape room for you. 🤷

Finding the best escape room for you is especially important if you’ve never played one before. After all, a less-than-perfect first escape room may prevent you from ever trying again. And, we may be biased, but we think that would be tragic. 😭

So, in the name of hours of unplugging and playing, here are some of our tips and tricks for finding the perfect escape room for you. 🔌

Finding the right company

First, we recommend finding the best escape room company in your area, especially if you have never played before. Finding a company that resonates with you will increase the chance you have a great first experience! 🥳


Do a quick glance to see which escape rooms have the most reviews, and the highest review rating. Then, dig in! Check out what guests have to say about the best and worst experiences. Are there common threads in the highest ratings? Keep your eyes peeled for things you especially care about: great customer service, immersive rooms, and fun puzzles are some examples. For the low ratings, does the escape room respond? Do they make an effort to learn more? 🧐

Web Search

Use Google, Bing, or your preferred search engine to find escape rooms in your area. Read the listings and click around those you find most interesting.


Is the escape room company’s website easy to use? Can you get a sense of what the rooms are like? Is the website fun? While many companies’ sites don’t necessarily match the in-store experience, they can be a great indication of what’s to come when you arrive.

Social Media

Search for escape rooms using social media. Not only can you also check out reviews on Facebook, for example, but you’ll get a sense of the escape room’s legitimacy by checking out the number of followers and the content they’re posting. 👍


We hate to be the ones to tell you, but an extremely inexpensive escape room is probably too good to be true. Likewise, be wary of escape rooms that are priced very high (though we’ve found highly priced rooms typically have a much better production value). A huge deviation from the standard pricing in your area without a really good reason is a red flag! 🚩

Finding the best escape room

Okay, at this point you’ve found your top 1-2 contenders for your best escape game. Now, it’s time to pick your room!

Difficulty levels

Don’t pick a room that’s way too difficult or way too easy for you! Many escape rooms put this information on their websites, but you can always reach out with a phone call or a Facebook message. 💻


Is there a theme that jumps out to you as being incredibly fun or exciting? Give it a try! Escape rooms are supposed to be fun, so while you should definitely consider a room’s difficulty level, it’s not the end-all-be-all in terms of choosing your best escape room.

Best escape room


Considering puzzles are an advanced move! But if you know you prefer certain times of games (linear vs. multi-linear, for example), reach out to the company and see what they recommend. Since this is an advanced move, you likely won’t see this info on an escape room’s website. 🧩

So, there you go, escaper! Those are our tips for finding the best escape room for you in Clovis.

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