Curse On The Emerald Seas

Best Set Design 2022

Upon escaping the Crimson Storm, you and your crew have found yourselves adrift and come across the mysterious ship known as The Emerald Seas. Legends tell that this ship was cursed when its crew mutinied and traded their captain's heart for unknown treasures. Witnesses say the ship only appears for an hour before sinking below the water. You and your crew board the ship in hopes of dispelling the curse and claim the ship as your own before it returns to the watery depths.


    Eerie Shipwreck


    Up to 6 players


    60 Minutes


    Most Challenging

Joey O. — “My friends and I had a ton of fun! I had gone to one escape room in the past, and my friends were all first timers. The puzzle room was easy to catch on to, and they had a great time solving the clues involved with the room. The staff was friendly and funny, and made sure to welcome us when we arrived. My friends and I boasted about the experience the rest of the night, and a few wanted to come back that same day! I definitely recommend this for everyone and we’ll definitely be making a visit back very soon.”

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